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Becky Chambers

Healing most times needs an atmosphere of faith. ~ Benney Hinn

11/29/07 08:16 pm - [txt]

halfway mark

body failing lack of sleep

feet replaced by one big blister

send help

9/22/07 11:32 pm

Becky may not have been too successful in making friends while she was in school, but now that graduation has come and gone, it seems the relationships she'd never have expected to take root are beginning to.

Professor Partridge was one of such relationships.Collapse )

9/14/07 10:52 pm - no microbe is safe

Beckys are strange things. To wit, most of their strangeness tends to be connected to their raw ability to know things and communicate this knowledge, often without context or a cohesive plan of action. Less notably, they have a habit of keeping busy. They can stretch a 2-hour assignment into a day-long affair, if it means avoiding boredom. It's a thing.

Today, this particular Becky is circling around the break room in the S.T.A.R.S home base, wearing a relaxed dress uniform of some type - a pair of polished flat shoes, a pair of pleated black pants with a blue stripe up the side, and a light blue button-down shirt. Her lapel bears a single badge, that being a polished red cross on a gold backing.

She appears to be disinfecting and wiping everything down. Again.

...it's a thing.

((Open to all members of STARS, characters that would find their way there, or people who have her cell phone number! GET BACK IN CONTACT WITH THE BECKY SHE MISSES YOU))

10/20/06 11:25 pm - Don't stay in that place, where they don't care how you are

Translate these sentences:

(1) Hello, how are you? __________________________________?
(2) I'm fine, thank you. __________________________________.
(3) Where (what country) are you from? __________________________________?

And on.Collapse )

7/11/06 06:38 am - Friends Only.

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